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Posted by on Jun 22, 2019 in Favorite Books, Healthy Food, Healthy Inspiration, Product Recommendations, Recipes | 0 comments

My Top 3 Go-To Clean Eating Cookbooks

My Top 3 Go-To Clean Eating Cookbooks

We all have a number of favorite recipes, regardless of how nutritious they might be. That said, when you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle, this will likely include a broader spectrum of nutritious recipes. While the internet is all well and good for that purpose, having a few amazing go-to clean eating cookbooks handy can make the experience even easier.

Print vs Digital Go-To Clean Eating Cookbooks

Having two or three go-to clean eating cookbooks means you’ll be able to go directly to the source without having to do a lot of searching. Furthermore, while it may be a nuisance to spill something onto a book, it can be devastating if you spill or splatter on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. Another advantage to actual books is that the screen on a piece of paper doesn’t shut off over time.

That said, if you insist on going digital, it’s still possible to get most of the best go-to clean eating cookbooks in ebook format. This way, you’ll have your entire library of cookbooks with you wherever you go and you can even decide on the recipe you want to try while you’re still at work. That makes picking up the ingredients on the way home exceptionally easy.

Titles Worth Considering

Looking for some great options to keep on hand? I have a good handful that have made their way into regular use in my kitchen.  To get started, consider the following three:

  1. “Eat Better Not Less: 100 Healthy and Satisfying Recipes” – This cookbook was written by Nadia Damaso and contains a wealth of satisfying, healthy and hearty recipes. The goal of the recipes in this book is to show that you can feel satisfied by great tasting meals that also happen to be highly nutritious.
    Damaso shows that great ingredients makes healthy food tasty, not boring. The recipes use the right carbs and fats for flavor and health, instead of trying to achieve a more traditional “low fat” or “low carb” goal. Moderation and careful selection are the core of this book. The desserts section makes this cookbook especially great. They show that you can indulge your sweet tooth, choose decadent desserts and still enjoy nutrient dense foods at the same time.
  2. “Eat Smart: What to Eat in a Day – Every Day” – This one was written by Niomi Smart, the first book released by the YouTuber with nearly 2 million followers each on YouTube and Instagram.
    Within minutes of its release, it had already reached the number 1 spot on Amazon. It is a simple, direct and thoughtful cookbook that contains only plant-based recipes and that makes it easy to prepare healthy meals. These recipes are designed to be as practical as they are nutritious and tasty. They can be worked into anyone’s everyday life, no matter how busy they might be. The book is filled to the brim with 246 pages of recipes and images. It is both functional and artistic. It also contains a powerful section on meat replacements, where traditionally meat-based recipes feature plant-based alternatives that really work.
  3. “Scandinavian Comfort Food: Embracing the Art of Hygge” – This is Trine Hahnemann’s masterpiece. She created it as a way to share the concept of hygge from her native Denmark with the world.
    Hygge is an attitude toward life. The recipes in this book focus on nourishment, being homemade and using fresh ingredients and are meant to perfectly suit the hygge mindset. The goal of the book is to encourage a home that is relaxed and comfortable, and that shares with friends and families. There are 130 recipes within this book, providing tons of great options no matter the weather outside or the mood you’re in.

Building Your Clean Eating Cookbook Library

With these three great books on your shelf or in your phone, you’ll always be able to find the perfect recipe to suit the amount of prep time you have available, your mood and your family’s tastes. This will continually make it easier for you to ensure that you’re placing healthy, flavorful dishes on the table at mealtimes every day.

That said, every home cook has different tastes and wants to make different recipes.  Consider these a great start so you’ll know what to look for in solid options.  Then, it’s time to check out other titles on your own so you can add to your options as needed.  After all, there are already quite a few great ones out there and new titles are added to bookstores every year.

Yes, I may prefer print copies of go-to clean eating cookbooks but remember that it can’t hurt to check out the previews of the digital copies. This helps you know if they contain what you want. They also allow you to see how the recipes are presented. That way, you’ll get a better idea as to whether or not you’ll use it as often as you hope.

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