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Posted by on Nov 27, 2018 in Healthy Inspiration | 0 comments

Inspiring Keto Diet Blogs Showing Real Life Results

Inspiring Keto Diet Blogs Showing Real Life Results

If you’re getting ready to start a new strategy to keep off holiday weight or are prepping for the new year, keto diet blogs may be the inspiration you need. If you’re interested in the highly popular ketogenic diet, your doctor is always a good resource. However, following some top bloggers can help you to know you’re not alone with your struggles, can help you to find the guidance you need and can even provide you with yummy recipes, too.

Check Out Our List of the Most Inspiring Keto Diet Blogs

Each of these keto diet blogs was started by a real person and shows real results as well as some of the tools, tricks and recipes used to achieve those outcomes. There’s a lot of information out there, so it can be tough to know what will really work and how to decide on the easiest and tastiest recipes that won’t have you breaking the rules. Check out these great keto bloggers and what they’ve done to get where they are.

Keto in Pearls

This blog is written by Anna, a stay-at-home mom “with a picky husband and hungry kids to feed.” This is a well-established site among keto diet blogs, and is focused primarily on providing recipes that a home cook is able to prepare. At the same time, these options are selected to be budget conscious and family friendly.

Over time, Anna has managed to accumulate quite a thorough library of recipes. This blog is well organized, making it easy to quickly find exactly what you want to eat.

I Breathe, I’m Hungry

This is one of the older keto diet blogs, as it was started back in 2011 by blogger Melissa Sevigny. It was originally a way for Melissa to keep in touch with family. In January 2012, it began with a focus on being low-carb in general, but progressed to encompass paleo, gluten-free and finally the ketogenic diet, too.

Again, this is mainly a recipe blog, but it also points to a number of helpful resources that dieters might find handy. Product reviews also pepper the site, assisting dieters in finding just the right tools and items to prepare the meals they see on the blog.

Keto Crystal

Keto Crystal is a newer addition among keto diet blogs, in that hers has been in existence for just over a year. She started in October 2017.

Crystal credits other keto diet blogs for informing, educating and inspiring her as she started her own journey with the ketogenic diet. This helped to encourage her to share her recipes, product reviews, and thoughts in order to add her experience to the mix and inspire others. Having lost over 50 pounds so far, she continues to share her progress, victories, not-so-victories and a refreshingly honest perspective.

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