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Posted by on Jan 16, 2019 in Favorite Books, Healthy Inspiration | 0 comments

Fast Food Genocide Review

Fast Food Genocide Review

The Fast Food Genocide diet is an extensive eating strategy developed over 25 years by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Considerable research and clinical experience were applied to the creation of this diet, which focuses on the science of nutrition. The information was compiled into a book which illustrates and explains the way that the average person is addicted to processed food and fast food. Moreover, it claims that this problem is great enough that it should be considered a national health crisis.

Dr. Fuhrman presents a wealth of scientific evidence in Fast Food Genocide to show how destructive fast foods can be to a person’s overall wellness. This means that the impact goes beyond physical health, but also includes emotional wellbeing, the ability to learn and the capacity for intelligence. He refers to junk food as having the same impact as a drug addiction epidemic. He reveals the way in which the availability and cost of food are significant factors in the prevalence of poverty and racism.

Fast Food Genocide’s Solution

According to Fast Food Genocide, the solution to this epidemic begins with the ability for everyone to have a healthful, nutrient-dense diet. It states that this will save lives, make people able to reach their intellectual potential, and give them the capacity to enjoy a fulfilling and successful life. Dr. Fuhrman’s approach to achieving this goal includes meal plans and recipes with scientific support. His goal is to save lives and change American history.

Fast Food Genocide and the Status Quo

The Fast Food Genocide book specifically points to the status quo as being a destructive force in American lives and health across this generation. Moreover, it predicts that if the status quo remains, it will only worsen the health and lives of future generations.

The Fast Food Genocide places the blame on issues such as “Frankenfoods.” It calls urban areas – particularly low-income urban areas – “food deserts”. This name is given due to the low access to nutrient dense supermarket produce. As a result, these areas are at an increased risk of worsening poverty, drug addiction and crime.

Breaking the Status Quo

The Fast Food Genocide book calls for its readers to enter into the fight for nutrition within the reach of everyone. It states that this can occur only when the population is properly educated and informed about nutrition and when everyone has access to the right foods. This would, therefore, equip them with the ability to make the right choices and to access what they need to follow through with those choices.

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