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Posted by on Jan 2, 2019 in Healthy Body, Healthy Habits, Healthy Mindset, Healthy Weight Loss | 0 comments

Terrible Weight Loss New Year’s Resolutions You Should Never Make

Terrible Weight Loss New Year’s Resolutions You Should Never Make

While some weight loss New Year’s resolutions can help you to make positive changes to your lifestyle, that isn’t always the case. Some promises people make to themselves at the start of the year will only set themselves up for failure.

Most Weight Loss New Year’s Resolutions Fail by February

It’s estimated that about 30 percent of all weight loss New Year’s resolutions are broken by the time February begins. People tend to get very enthusiastic about setting goals. This can cause them to become unrealistic about their aim or how they want to get there. This causes people to rapidly develop a sense of failure. When they feel they’ve failed, they give up, instead of coming up with a new resolution.

To make sure you don’t end up with a toxic weight loss New Year’s resolutions, make sure you skip the following for 2019.

I Want to Lose 25 Pounds

Losing a set amount of weight is a solid long-term goal. However, when dieters set long term goals as weight loss New Year’s resolutions, they can easily fall off track. It’s better to have a long-term idea in mind but to have short term goals to pursue for your resolution. That way, you’ll be able to feel your progress toward your goal instead of feeling as though you’ll never get there. A resolution to lose a pound each week is one that would be far more likely to succeed than one for 25 pounds total.

I’m Going to Start This Diet

Many weight loss New Year’s resolutions involve saying that you’ll start a certain type of diet on the first of the year. It may be a large and well respected program. It may be a fad diet that happens to be popular at the time. Whether you intend to start with WW, Jenny Craig, the Keto Diet, or intermittent fasting, it’s very important to look more closely at what’s involved. The programs most likely to be beneficial are gradual lifestyle changes with a long-term plan. Diets that are highly restrictive easily become overwhelming over time. As soon as the initial motivation fades, the drive to continue fizzles as well. If you truly want to choose a great way to lose weight, talk to your doctor who will likely recommend lots of veggies, lean protein, reasonable amounts of good fats and regular activity.

I’m Not Eating Out/Getting Take-Out Anymore

If your weight loss New Year’s resolutions is for January alone, you might be successful with this type of restrictive goal. However, it’s unrealistic to think that you can stop getting take-out or eating at restaurants forever. Instead, eat out less, prepare more homemade meals, and be smarter about the choices you make when you do eat at restaurants.

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