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Posted by on Dec 11, 2018 in Healthy Habits, Healthy Mindset | 0 comments

Tips For Your Unhealthy Holiday Habits Avoidance Strategy

Tips For Your Unhealthy Holiday Habits Avoidance Strategy

Unhealthy holiday habits seem to kick in every year at this time regardless of our intentions to behave ourselves. Before the season starts, it feels as though it will be easy to keep. However, as soon as the holidays get going, we’re back where we were every year in previous years.

After all, the season is supposed to be about celebrations, spreading joy and spending time together. However, along with those celebrations can come a lot of stress, busy schedules and a lot of food. If you’re worried about what your unhealthy holiday habits will do to you this season then you’ll love how these tips can help you out.

Tips For Your Unhealthy Holiday Habits Avoidance Strategy

Be Prepared for Pushy People

Everyone from family and friends to coworkers seem to know what you “really” want at this time of the year. Unfortunately, all too many of us include backing down among our unhealthy holiday habits. If someone offers you food, it isn’t impolite to graciously decline. That said, there are some people who just don’t seem to want to take “no” for an answer.

For those individuals, be prepared with some lines that will help you to stand firm and avoid eating what you really don’t want or need. A few examples include: “I don’t feel well when I eat that food,” or “I’ve already had enough to eat, thank you.” For people who are truly pushy, you can resort to lying about a believed food sensitivity or allergy, or you can even tell them you’ve already had some and that it was lovely.

Plan Around Parties and Dinners

When you already know you’re going to parties and dinners, you can come up with a strategy to avoid some of your unhealthy holiday habits. For instance, when you know you’re going to a party on the weekend, try to eat more healthfully for a couple of days in advance. This doesn’t mean that you need to try an extreme diet. Instead, focus on nutrient dense foods within an appropriate calorie range. That way, if you overdo it a little at the party, you won’t bring on devastating effects.

Control Your Overindulgence

When you know you’re headed somewhere that you’ll be tempted toward your unhealthy holiday habits, decide in advance how much leeway you’ll give yourself. Being too strict will have you giving up on your strategy because it won’t be fun.

However, if you let yourself have a small taste of everything (one to two bites of the richer dishes on the dinner table) and a reasonable dessert (one or two cookies/squares or a small slice of pie or cake) then you’ll feel as though you indulged in lots of holiday favorites without overindulging to the point that you’ve lost control.

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