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Posted by on Mar 30, 2017 in Healthy Habits, Healthy Mindset | 0 comments

How I Stop Myself From Emotional Eating

How I Stop Myself From Emotional Eating

The vast majority of us have been there. But when I feel like I can’t stop myself from emotional eating, it feels like I’m alone with this problem. After all, nobody else seems to have a problem with what they’re munching on and why. For a while, this became quite a challenge and it was one I’d been losing.

Then I took matters into my own hands. I learned how to stop myself from emotional eating is most circumstances. They key is to have the right tools and strategies in place and to act quickly. That’s what stops me from diving head first into the chocolates…or starting off with carrot sticks and ending up in the chocolates regardless!

Here are some of my best strategies to stop myself from emotional eating. Consider the ways you can work them into your own life so you can take control of what you’re putting in your body and when. These tips really work. It’s just a matter of using them:

· Be there for yourself – Emotional eating is, after all, a practice of easing some form of discomfort through the satisfaction you can get from food. However, when we allow ourselves to try to keep eating until we feel better, overeating is a natural outcome – as is weight gain. Instead of continuing this damaging trend, learn to give yourself support. Acknowledge the way you feel and tell yourself that it’s perfectly all right to feel angry, sad, frightened, or tired. There’s no need to feel guilt or shame. Accept the way you feel and think about why you’re feeling that way and what you can do to alleviate the feelings you don’t want. You may come up with a far more constructive and helpful solution than chowing down on a whole bag of cheese nachos.

· Pay attention to your senses – If you’re not getting enough pleasure in your life, then your body may set off sensations of food cravings to make up for it. To overcome this, start to focus on ways to please your senses in your everyday life. Wear soft, well-fitting clothes that don’t tug, pinch or crush you. Add fruit to your water for a touch of extra flavoring. Use nourishing skin care products scented with essential oils you love. Listen to soothing music. Let your senses enjoy the day as much as you can and they won’t sabotage your health by begging for attention in all the wrong ways.

· Eat only when you’re hungry – Pay attention to the signals your body is giving you. When you head to the kitchen to grab a snack, are you truly feeling hungry or do you just want the snack. When we’re emotional eating, we tend to mistakenly interpret both sensations as hunger. Become mindful of the sensations of your body. When you consider having something to eat, think about the way your body feels and try to decide whether or not you are feeling genuine hunger or whether you’ve eaten enough already and are craving food for another reason.

· Be prepared – Even when I carefully adhere to all the other steps in this strategy, I can still feel intense food cravings now and again. Instead of sitting there and feeling miserable or, worse, risking giving in to those cravings, I prepare for them. There’s no way to stop them altogether, so I always make sure I have great options available to help me avoid overeating with junk food. Instead, I keep berries in my fridge, such as strawberries, blueberries or dark cherries. I love those sweet little treats, so they help to satisfy my sweet tooth at the same time that they give me a boost of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.

· Appreciate yourself – Far too few of us recognize that we are beautiful people inside and out. When I want to be able to rise above the temptation of emotional eating, I remind myself that I’m a good person, a strong person and I love my body. I want the best for myself. For that reason, I can motivate myself to choose a better option, to plan ahead and to buy smarter when I’m at the supermarket. I can decide not to get that candy bar or family-size bag of chips. At the same time, I can decide that I’ve eaten healthfully and that it won’t hurt to have an appropriate portion of a rare treat, even if it does happen to be made of empty calories. Because I enjoy it and I don’t do it often.

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