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Posted by on Jun 28, 2021 in Healthy Mindset, Meditation | 0 comments

Need to Unwind? Try This Headspace Guide to Meditation on Netflix!

Need to Unwind? Try This Headspace Guide to Meditation on Netflix!

When you need to unwind, it isn’t just a matter of heading home from work these days.  Our always on, always connected lifestyles have made it so that our minds are continually active and stimulated by work, friends, the news, and everything else going on around us. Headspace has been adding various series to Netflix and you may wonder whether they’re worth your while.

Three Meditation Series for Your Need to Unwind

As of June, there have been three Headspace series viewers can stream.  The first was the Headspace Guide to Meditation. The second was the Headspace Guide to Sleep.  Now, the Unwind Your Mind series brings the first two together and provides an interactive experience to help you meet your need to unwind.

The newest special was created in collaboration with Vox Media and offers a range of different mindfulness exercises from which to choose through a number of menus.

Headspace on Netflix

Like the Headspace Guide to Meditation series, the Unwind Your Mind series also features the happy sunshine graphic and the soothing voice of Headspace’s CEO Andy Puddicome, who always greets viewers and listeners with his bright and approachable, “Hi, I’m Andy”.

This series is being extremely well reviewed.  People like the way Unwind Your Mind brings together everything that was discussed throughout the Guide to Meditation and Guide to Sleep series.

When you do need to unwind, turning on Netflix and opting for this particular show gives you the chance to pick exactly the experience you’re seeking at that moment.  After the introduction, you’ll be given a number of different choices to help fine-tune your experience.  Your selection will be based on your goals, if you want to meditate, whether you’re currently feeling overwhelmed or tense, if you currently need to unwind, if you’re seeking to shake of some stress, or even if you want to go to sleep. You can also let the selection know how much time you have, so you won’t down with ten minutes available, only to be dished out a forty-five-minute meditation.

Meeting Your Need to Unwind

Once you’ve gone through the menu of options, you’ll be provided with mindfulness exercises led by the calm voices of either Puddicombe or Headspace Director of Meditation Evelyn Lewis Prieto.

While Headspace itself has certain free meditations but is primarily a premium subscription service, The Guide to Meditation, Guide to Sleep, and Unwind Your Mind series are all included in your Netflix subscription.

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