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Posted by on May 21, 2019 in Healthy Mindset, Meditation, Stress Relief | 0 comments

Should You Try Meditation in a Float Tank for Stress

Should You Try Meditation in a Float Tank for Stress

Meditation in a float tank has become quite a trendy stress management technique as of late.  That said, it has left many people wondering whether or not it is right for them.  This is the case both in terms of effectiveness and safety. 

If you’re not sure if meditation in a float tank is safe for you, the first thing you should do is consult your doctor.  This is an important step as there are some people who should not use this type of spa therapy.  Certain conditions such as those having to do with blood pressure can make float tanks inappropriate. 

It’s also important that anyone using these tanks have a certain degree of balance and mobility. The reason is that it can be difficult to move around in the tank, particularly when it comes to getting out, as the bottom of the tank can be slippery.  This becomes even more challenging after you’ve been lying down for a while. Still, if it is safe for you to practice meditation in a float tank, then there are some things you’ll want to know to get the most out of it.

Simple Tricks to Comfortable Meditation in a Float Tank

You should be given certain simple instructions to follow before your meditation in a float tank. 

  • The first is that you will want to shower.  There should be a shower provided within the float tank room so you can get clean and then get right into the float tank. 
  • The next step is to wear ear plugs.  That said, it’s best to put them in before you shower, instead of popping them in right before you get into the tank.  This gives your ear plugs enough time to shape themselves into your ears so they will blog the water from getting into them during your meditation in a float tank.
  • You should find out how to make sure your face doesn’t get wet so that you won’t get water in your eyes. You should also be instructed as to how the float tank door will close and open, how the lights work and how to remove salt water from your eyes if it gets in there regardless of your efforts to avoid it.

Don’t Ignore the Float Tank Rules

The rules for meditation in a float tank are given for a reason.  Therefore, even if you don’t see the purpose for them, observe them regardless.  Remember that you’re going to be spending a length of time – usually about an hour – in complete darkness, floating in salty water. 

This can be extremely calming.  That said, it can also be overwhelming, or may simply make you lightheaded once it’s done.  If you follow the rules for meditation in a float tank, you’ll be better prepared to enjoy it, relax into it, and avoid any potential risks.

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