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Posted by on Jan 16, 2019 in Healthy Mindset, Stress Relief | 0 comments

Enjoy a Peaceful Day of Bird Watching for Relaxing Exploration

Enjoy a Peaceful Day of Bird Watching for Relaxing Exploration

The next time you head away on a vacation, consider doing a little bit of bird watching. Regardless of whether you’re new or experienced, it can provide a fascinating experience that is exciting and relaxing at the same time. It can help you to see the world in a different way and respect both the place where you’re visiting and your home when you return to it.

At this time of year, one of the best place to try some bird watching is in Mexico’s state of Nayarit. Every year near the end of January and beginning of February, the San Blas International Migratory Bird Festival takes place.

Why Travel for Bird Watching?

If you love bird watching, traveling to do it elsewhere is a great opportunity to observe new birds you wouldn’t be able to see at home. That said, if you’re not usually a bird watcher and you’re not traveling for that purpose, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still do a bit of this activity while you’re there.

Although Nayarit, Mexico may be a good place to do it since that state alone has well over 500 registered species of bird, there are many other places around the world where you’ll also be able to observe birds you wouldn’t see at home. The closer you get to the equator, the more species you’re likely to see, particularly if you head to areas where there is a great deal of vegetation, such as jungles.

Why is Nayarit Specifically Good for Bird Watching?

If there is only one person who likes bird watching among your group of travelers, the San Blas International Migratory Bird Festival remains a great opportunity for everyone.

The reason is that it is focused on ecotourism with an angle toward birds, but it also offers many more activities. There is a large component also focusing on culture, art and learning. This makes it appropriate for visitors of all ages with a spectrum of different tastes and interests.

Bird Watching to Relax

If you’re hoping for a vacation that allows you a great way to let go, forget about being at home, disconnect and just relax, include some bird watching. You’ll likely be surprised at the difference it makes at keeping you calm and allowing you to feel as though you’ve connected with nature.

It provides a chance to live in the moment and be mindful throughout the experience. There isn’t anything you need to think about other than the birds and the nature around you. This way, you can simply let go of everything else in the world for a while. This is a healthy way to spend your vacation time.

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