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Posted by on Mar 31, 2017 in Healthy Inspiration, Product Recommendations | 0 comments

What Does It Take To Make Food Journaling Fun?!?

What Does It Take To Make Food Journaling Fun?!?

If you’re anything like me, you start off with the best intentions, but the moment something stops being fun, is starts to slip down in the priority list, until finally you can’t bring yourself to do it at all. This is what used to happen to me every time I started to keep a food journal.

Every. Time.

I realized that I had better think of some way to keep it fun or I’d never be able to make it a lasting habit. Here are my 3 best strategies, and the goodies that made it work.

  1. Pretty journals & pens are my weakness. I tried using an app on my phone, thinking that the convenience would do the trick. It didn’t. I still lapsed before a week was out. As soon as I bought myself a pretty planner and a “special” pen, just for my food log, though? It worked and it keeps working. There is something about using my Eat Pretty Live Well Guided Journal that makes even tedious snack logging fun. Better still is using colored gel pens that make the pages burst with visual encouragement.
  2. Reward system. Every time I complete a full week of food journaling, I reward myself with a bouquet of fresh flowers for the kitchen. It’s a treat that I don’t allow myself unless I really did the work, and any time I get lazy, I remind myself of how much the flowers make me smile when I pass them on the counter. It’s an easy, non-food-based reward system that really works for me, but for you it might be something different. My sister rewards herself with a monthly pedicure. Whatever works!
  3. Bragging Rights. I mentioned my sister in #2 because she and I have always been each others’ support system, cheerleading squad, and biggest competition. It gives us ridiculous amounts of satisfaction to compare our journaling successes with each other, and WOE be unto the sister who has been slacking! Better than winning at Words With Friends, by far. 😉

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