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Posted by on Jun 22, 2018 in Product Recommendations | 0 comments

DNA Tourism – Letting Your Genetic History Choose Your Destination

DNA Tourism – Letting Your Genetic History Choose Your Destination

One of the latest trends to hit the travel world is DNA tourism. With the tremendous popularity of various genetics services, many travelers are letting what they learn guide their choices.

While it may once have been out of the question to think that a holiday could start in a test tube, that is now often the case. DNA tourism is a response to the services that let individuals test a sample of their saliva to determine their genetic backgrounds. Those individuals are then choosing to visit some of the places linked to their genes.

How DNA Tourism Takes People to New Places

DNA tourism isn’t entirely new as a concept. Many people visit countries from which they know their ancestors had originally traveled. Scotland, for example, hosts thousands upon thousands of tourists every year as they investigate their family past.

However, the difference DNA tourism makes is that it often shows people parts of their ancestry that they didn’t know about. While they may have thought their genetics were primarily from Great Britain, for example, they might also find that they have some Scandinavian roots. Similarly, they may know that they have ancestors from the Middle East, only to discover that a significant portion of their genetics are from the Mediterranean or from Africa, too!

Using DNA Tourism to Travel

People are using their test results to inspire many parts of their lives. This can include learning new languages, discovering the history of a place or, in the case of DNA tourism, heading to that part of the world.

When you discover that your DNA leads back to some of the ancient cultures of Mexico, for instance, it is fascinating to head to some of the more historical regions of that country. Going to Mexico City is a start, as that is the very heart of the Aztec past. That said, you can travel even further back with that culture and head to Mexcaltitán, an island just to the north of San Blas.

That location with only about 4,000 residents is teeming with history, from the pre-Mexico City Aztecs to the Spanish conquistadors and more.

DNA Tourism to Mexico

For this reason, DNA tourism is guiding those with Mexican or Aztec roots to vacation in Nayarit, Mexico, not just to Mexico City. The region boasts not only gorgeous historic locations and officially designated magical towns, but is not yet overrun with tourists, allowing for a far more authentic, friendly and safe experience than might be found in some of the more common tourist destinations.

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