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Posted by on Jun 2, 2019 in Healthy Body, Staying Fit | 0 comments

I Took A Barre Class And This Is What Happened

I Took A Barre Class And This Is What Happened

A friend of mine who loves keeping up with all the latest hype took a barre class and absolutely loved it. She insisted that I attend one lesson to see if I’d like it just as much, so I agreed. The instructor gave me permission to attend as a guest so I could decide for myself whether or not I’d like to join for a full session.

What is a Barre Workout?

At the time that I took a barre class for the first time, I hadn’t really looked into it and wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew it was essentially based on the ballet barre, but that’s about it. Since then, I’ve learned that this is a type of group exercise inspired by small, isometric ballet-style movements. They provide a workout for the entire body.

The main focus of these workouts is to ensure you get the very most out of your exercise time. This isn’t something you do on your own from home unless you have the right equipment and know-how. Instructors (at least the good ones) continually correct your form. They know exactly what to look for to make sure you exercise your muscle groups without injuring yourself.

My First Impression

At first, I found that to be embarrassing. That said, it didn’t take long before I found out that these little criticisms were highly constructive and every one of us was receiving them. Soon, I started to find them quite encouraging.

From the moment that I took a barre class for the first time, I quickly knew that there were some strong pros and cons to these workouts.

My Experience When I Took a Barre Class

Overall, here is my first impression of the experience:

  • It was as much of a workout for my emotions as it was for my body. The class was almost an hour long. Despite the pretty music and body forms we were trying to accomplish, there were times when it was extremely difficult and painful. I’d likely have cried at one point, if it wouldn’t have made me too humiliated to face anyone in the class. At the same time, despite the fact that I felt very sore at the end and like I’d aged by thirty years because I was walking slowly and stiffly out of there, I was very happy. I felt proud of myself and it was inspiring to have spent all that time pushing through the struggles with a group of strong women all facing the same challenges.
  • It was a surprisingly effective workout. As the soreness wore off, I felt more able the next day. In fact, I felt stronger. I found myself trying to replicate a few of the movements in the mirror. It was only one class, but I felt like I’d come to better know my body and how to use it.
  • I found it easier to do other things like walking, bending and lifting. My stronger body started to prove itself. It was simpler to walk a long distance at a higher speed, and I didn’t feel like picking something up off the floor required a slow, grunt-accompanied motion.
  • I slept great on the night of the class. I don’t know if it had some kind of yoga-like effect or if I’d just exhausted myself. Either way, my sleep that night was fantastic. I woke up feeling recharged and strengthened.
  • These classes aren’t cheap. I did end up signing up for six more classes – half a session. The per-class price is lower if you sign up for a full session, but I wanted to be sure it was the class and not the novelty I was enjoying. Still, it’s important to know you love it before forking over your money for a longer period of time because they come with quite the price tag.
  • The location isn’t convenient for me. Since barre classes aren’t as common as many other types of fitness class like yoga or aqua-fit, it means I don’t have as many choices regarding where I take them. The one I chose is a 20-minute drive away with metered parking.
  • The class isn’t short. The classes I take are nearly an hour long, plus travel and prep time. I currently go once per week and it takes 2 hours out of my Thursdays. To me, it’s worth it, but I can see how some people wouldn’t be able to fit it into their schedules.

Barre classes are certainly worth trying out. They’re not for everyone, but they certainly have some unique and impressive advantages when they suit your fitness expectations.

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