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Posted by on Nov 14, 2018 in Healthy Body, Staying Fit | 0 comments

Nayarit Mexico Surfing Spots for an Amazing Vacation Workout

Nayarit Mexico Surfing Spots for an Amazing Vacation Workout

Looking for a great way to exercise while you’re on vacation ends with Nayarit Mexico surfing. This location is perfect for those who want to get off the beaten path and stay in a luxury villa rental, but also enjoy their favorite water sport. The Pacific coast here offers surfing for all experience levels, from beginner all the way to pros.

Why Nayarit Mexico Surfing is Perfect for Vacation Fitness

The Pacific West Coast offers Nayarit Mexico surfing in many different forms and styles. Not only can you give it a try whether you’ve never tried it before or consider yourself an expert, but you can also use any of several types of boards. In this way, everyone will always have something fun to do and new to try. Regardless of whether you’re traveling as a couple, a family, or with a group of friends, everyone will love their time at the beach.

Nayarit Mexico surfing is perfect for longboard surfing, short board surfing, paddle surfing or even giving big body wave surfing a try. There are many different breaks to try, each of which comes with its own type of wave, scenery, and stunning beach to enjoy.

Top Places for the Best Nayarit Mexico Surfing

If you’re going to be in the Punta Mita area, you won’t want to miss the Cove for some top Nayarit Mexico surfing. Talk to virtually any local surfing guide and they’ll tell you that the Cove is the best break in the whole region around Banderas Bay. The best time is high tide, since it does get somewhat shallow during low tide. From Punta Mita, you can take a beautiful forty minute walk to get to the Cove, or head out by a small boat called a panga.

For longboard surfers, two great options, also near Punta Mita, are El Anclote and La Lancha. El Anclote is lovely for beginners because of the slow, long and smooth pitch of the break. On the other hand, La Lancha offer offers a more moderate experience level longboard surf break if you get there as the tide comes in or while it goes out.

If you want something that is more easily accessible, consider Punta Burros, which is located at the Palladium Vallarta Resort. You’ll see a lot more other people at that location, so you will need to be willing to deal with crowds in the busy seasons. Still, it is very easy to reach and is perfect for either short board or longboard surfing.

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