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Posted by on Dec 26, 2018 in Healthy Body, Healthy Weight Loss | 0 comments

Change Your Food Thoughts to Improve Your Holiday Eating Habits

Change Your Food Thoughts to Improve Your Holiday Eating Habits

Have your holiday eating habits been defining you for the last few weeks? They’re not over yet. That said, they don’t need to continue controlling you. You don’t need to continue feeling as though you’re trapped in a tug of war with enjoying yourself on one side and keeping your weight under control on the other.

You’ve heard the classic tips, but your holiday eating habits haven’t improved too much. What are you doing wrong? Why do you feel like you’re the only one struggling to this extent? Are you just different? Are you doomed to failure at this time of year, every year?

Holiday Eating Habits Tug of War

You’re far from alone. Most people find that their holiday eating habits fall in one of two categories, instead of finding a happy medium. They’re either drowning in overindulgence or they’re depriving themselves. In both categories, they’re unhappy with themselves. In both cases, they feel guilt.

There is a better way to handle your holiday eating habits even when you’re surrounded by cookie exchanges, free treats, parties with friends, parties at work, dinners with family, and so on. You’re not trapped.

Call a Time-Out

Before you take another miserable, guilty step into your overeating or deprivation, it’s time to take a step back. You need to stop obsessing about the “good” and the “bad” of your holiday eating habits. Counting calories, trying to hack into your carbs or attempting to slash sugars just doesn’t work in this environment.

Instead, start paying attention to yourself. How do you feel before you’ve eaten a certain dish, ingredient or at the end of a party? How do you feel after each of them? When you’re looking at that next serving of a dish at the dinner table, are you actually hungry or are you simply used to eating until you’re overly full? Are you taking more because everyone else is? Do you really love that cookie offered to you, or are you just eating it to satisfy the person handing it to you?

If you do eat those foods, how do you feel afterward? Do you feel afterward? Not any better? Uncomfortably full? Unsatisfied by the excess? Pay attention to these feelings. Remind yourself of them the next time you’re offered food. Why are you taking it? Is it because you truly wanted or are there other factors at play that will only leave you consuming calories or carbs you don’t want or need and that won’t leave you feeling any happier afterward?

By using this tip, you’ll make sure your holiday eating habits take a new focus. You’ll enjoy the indulgences you truly adore at this time of year. That said, you’ll be able to refuse more of the extras that you really don’t want or need because you know they aren’t worth it. They won’t leave you feeling any happier after you’ve had them.

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