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Posted by on Sep 21, 2017 in Healthy Body, Healthy Weight Loss | 0 comments

5 Things I Do to Help My Gut Stay Healthy

5 Things I Do to Help My Gut Stay Healthy

The health of your gut isn’t just important for your digestion; it could also affect other aspects of your health, including your weight. I’ve learned from experience how my whole body suffers when I don’t eat properly. These are the top five ways to help your gut stay healthy that I practice every day to ensure optimal health and well-being.

1. Stick with Eating a Whole Foods Diet

Eating a diet packed with whole foods could help to keep your entire digestive tract healthy, and it could also help your body maintain the appropriate balance of good bacteria in the gut. Focus on eating whole food ingredients at every meal, while avoiding processed foods. So, when you go grocery shopping, purchase plenty of whole grains, fruits, veggies, seeds, beans, nuts, and legumes.

2. Take High Quality Probiotics

Another simple way to help your gut stay healthy is by taking a high quality probiotics supplement every day. Refrigerated probiotics will help keep the good bacteria viable until you take them, and these will help build up the population of beneficial bacteria in your gut.

3. Consume More Healthy Fats

Healthy fats have a profound effect upon your entire body, and that includes your digestive tract. More specifically, omega-3 fatty acids could help to reduce inflammation throughout the body, including within the gut. There are many omega-3 fatty acid supplements that you can purchase, and there are also a host of foods that naturally contain these fatty acids, so getting more of these fats into your diet is not difficult.

4. Take Supplements to Heal the Gut Lining

In addition to eating healthy, you can also take additional supplements, such as zinc and glutamine, which could help heal the lining of your gut. By repairing this lining, your body can restore normal functioning in this important area, and you can start absorbing all of the nutrients from your foods better than before.

5. Try to Figure Out If You Have Food Allergies

Food allergies and sensitivities, such as an intolerance to gluten or dairy, could wreak havoc on your gut. You can find out if you have these sensitivities by eliminating these foods from your diet and seeing if you notice a difference.

Whenever you take additional steps to help your gut stay healthy, you might notice a change in your bathroom habits, as you will become more regular and you won’t have to deal with as many digestive issues. On top of that, you might notice that your immune system becomes stronger against pathogens, and you might even notice that you have more energy because your body is better able to absorb the energizing nutrients from the foods that you eat. I found the energy boost to be the most life-changing benefit for me.

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