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Posted by on Mar 15, 2019 in Healthy Body, Staying Fit | 0 comments

5 Signs You’re Exercising Too Much and Need to Rest

5 Signs You’re Exercising Too Much and Need to Rest

Do you know how to tell if you’re exercising too much? We may all be continually encouraged to get up and move around more, but there is such thing as overdoing it. That said, the signs may not be as obvious as you think. If you’re waiting for an injury to occur to tell you that you’ve done too much, then you’re certainly on the wrong track.

It’s important to get to know if you’re exercising too much because it will help you to avoid those injuries as well as many other unpleasant effects that could stop you from seeing the progress you want despite all your hard work.

Watch for these Top 5 Signs You’re Exercising Too Much

1 – Dropping Performance

One of the earliest signs of exercising too much is falling exercise performance. This doesn’t mean that you need to push yourself harder – especially if you think you’re already working hard. Instead, it means that you might need to alter your routine. Performance drop is typically most obvious in endurance workouts such as running, cycling and swimming.

2 – Sinking Mood and Motivation

When your body is overworked from exercising too much, it can have an impact on your mood. The reason is that the same hormones that are produced when you’re emotionally stressed are also produced when you’re physically stressed. This can lead you to feel anxious, irritable, confused, angry or depressed. It can also cause you to lose interest in exercising, leading to drooping motivation and making it just that much harder to try to get results.

3 – Longer Recovery Time

If your muscles continue feeling sore for hours or even days after you worked them, then you have been exercising too much and need to take a rest. It’s time to take a closer look at your routine and how you can exercise some muscles while giving others adequate recovery time before using them again.

4 – Fatigue and Sleep Problems

Feeling physically and emotionally beat on a regular basis is a solid sign of exercising too much. This can make you feel physically sluggish and mentally slow. Exercising may give you an energy boost in the short term but overdoing it will only slow you down. Moreover, it can cause insomnia and other sleep disturbances which can only slow your recovery time further.

5 – Fat Gain

That’s right, after all your hard work, those stress hormones can cause your fat levels to climb!

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