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Posted by on Aug 29, 2018 in Healthy Body, Healthy Weight Loss | 0 comments

Blood Type Dieting Strategies: Do They Work?

Blood Type Dieting Strategies: Do They Work?

Blood type dieting is a type of fad strategy that goes in and out of fashion every few years. It is a concept that encourages eating choices based on whether you are blood type A, B, AB, or O.

The most commonly followed version of blood type dieting was created by Peter J. D’Adamo, a naturopath. His claims state that your blood type creates a chemical reaction with the foods you eat. Therefore, if you make the right choices, the result will be improved digestion efficiency. The outcome of that, he says, is weight loss, disease prevention and energy.

O Blood Type Dieting

People with type O are told to eat a high protein diet. This is high in meat, fish, poultry and veggies. That said, it’s light on dairy, beans and grains. He says that people with type O tend to have digestive issues, so he recommends several supplements to this group.

A Blood Type Dieting

People with type A are instructed to focus on fruits and veggies, legumes and beans as well as whole grains. This is a meat-free diet with a focus on organic and fresh foods. The reasoning behind this, according to D’Adamo, is that people with this blood type tend to have sensitive immune systems.

B Blood Type Dieting

People with type B are supposed to eat eggs, certain meats, green veggies and low-fat dairy. At the same time, they should avoid chicken, peanuts, sesame seeds, lentils, buckwheat, wheat and corn.

AB Blood Type Dieting

People with type AB are advised to eat seafood, green vegetables, tofu and dairy. At the same time, they should avoid alcohol, caffeine, and smoked and cured meats. The reason is that they have low stomach acid levels.

Eating according to a person’s blood type is considered to be high effort and many people can’t keep it up over the long term. For this reason, anyone who has failed to keep it up will likely find that it’s good news to know that this entire strategy has been debunked.

Trusted, reputable research printed in a peer-reviewed medical journal showed that the various blood type dieting recommendations affect all blood types in the same way. That said, they found that every blood type loses the most weight when following the recommendations for type A. The recommendations against processed foods are also typically considered to be healthful regardless of whether you are A, B, AB, or O.

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